The Yellow Ribbon Journey is a distance of courage and determination in support of the acceptance of ex-offenders. With such a meaningful purpose behind the Yellow Ribbon Run, naturally there was a big group of runners tallying up to 6,500 who signed up for the event. The Yellow Ribbon Project (YRP) was held at Changi on 9th of September and consisted of a 10km Competitive Run category and a 5.6km Fun Run category.

Among the sea of runners decked in the yellow, there was a special group of runners in orange tee with balloons tied to their backs. These are the dedicated group of avid runners who signed up as pacers for the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2018 to give back to the society as well as to motivate the running crowd. There was a good range of pacer groups lined up for the 10km Competitive Run category, ranging from 50 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes which was a first for the Yellow Ribbon Run where pacers were deployed. Titan Singapore was honored to have the opportunity to equip the pacers with Titan sports apparels which were used not only for the actual run but also during their weekly pacer trainings.






Just like the good old saying that “behind every successful man is a strong woman”, same applies to the Yellow Ribbon Runners who were following the Pacer groups in order to achieve their targeted timing for the 10km run. While the pacers were all smiles and cheerful throughout the run, lots of hard work and sacrifices were put in prior to race day. The pacer training commenced 1 month prior to the actual run on 9th of September where the pacers had to undergo strict training program every Saturday at 6.45am without fail. Attendance for the pacer training was mandatory where mileage had to be clocked by the pacers to ensure that they were physically fit and had what it takes to be a pacer. Not only does a pacer have to keep the pace constant throughout the 10km run, a pacer also has to motivate and to look out for fellow runners. In short, a pacer is a multi-tasker throughout the 10km. Throwing in the challenge is the challenging terrain of the Yellow Ribbon 10km route which was certainly not a walk in the park where the last two kilometers of the run brought participants directly into the grounds of Changi Prison where there was continuous twisting and turning and not forgetting upslopes near the finishing point. With the right apparels, clocking mileage and achieving the best out of every training session was made possible for the pacers. Having the pacers decked in Titan running socks and compression calf sleeves in every training sessions and on actual race day was a true testimony that they were comfortable with Titan apparels and it was their top choice for the important task that they had on the 9th of September, for superior sports performance and recovery.




A big shout to all YR pacers for the cheers and motivation brought to the runners and not forgetting the PBs that were achieved by runners who were running alongside with them. Do check out the pacers in the album and give them a thumbs up as a form of appreciation!

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